Inspiring growth and change through storytelling


Grief and Loss

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Join us on this six-week program focusing on grief and loss. We will look at stories that explore ways in which we may move between the living and the dead, embrace grief, and transform loss.

Twisted Tales


I'm excited to perform in Better Said Than Done's #storytellingshow "Twisted Tales: Dual stories interwoven," on Thursday, April 14, 2022, at 8:00pm ET/ 5:00pm PT. If you miss it live, you can watch the replay. $15 Suggested/$5 Minimum Proceeds split between storytellers.

Kind Stories in Concert


I am excited to be the Emcee for this month's Kind Stories in Concert, with featured storytellers: Len Cabral, Lyn Ford, and Poonam Joshy.

Canceled Dancing with Death


A traditional story will be the seed to spark conversations and personal reflections around facing our own death, the fear of dissolution, and how to leave loved ones behind. Participants will be guided in investigating their current feelings and inner state, opening difficult conversations, and hopefully uncovering a space of stillness and peace to hold whatever storms may come.

Welcoming the Other


Prepare for an immersive experience of what it means to be the "Other." Using storytelling and story crafting techniques, participants will discover in a new way what "Privilege" truly means. Learn how to welcome, and how to create your own personalized plan for action.

Discovering Paradise


This workshop takes a particular method of understanding, questioning, and imagining new paths to stories that are meant to be told orally. In the workshop, Jim presents the model (based on the PaRDeS model of text study), and then works with the participants to apply it to a rich story. This work is done both in full session and in breakout sessions.

Stories for Transformation


An hour of transformational stories with yours truly, Jim Brulé. Donations gratefully received: $1-$5 Sponsored by the Northlands Storytelling Network  

Sacred Storytelling


Join me as I Emcee May's edition of "Sacred Storytelling" - a monthly event that features live storytellers and tributes to other storytellers who have departed this world.

Looking Forward, Looking Back: Death, Dying, and Remembrance


An evening of stories, music, dialogue, and creative workshops on using stories to illuminate the journey of dying and living.

Rebecca Lemaire and I will be co-Emcees for this event, which will include storytellers and others from around the world.

Virtual Event

Journey into Dying and Living: Facing Our Own Death


Join us on this six-week program focusing on facing death. We will look at stories that explore ways in which we may begin to face death, particularly our own, with intention and openness. The final week will provide an opportunity for participants to share their own creations with the group.